Today Tech-Wood Nederland BV, the first licensee of Tech-Wood International Ltd, is one of the leading manufacturers of high quality Wood Polymer Composite products  worldwide. Tech-Wood® products, a result of the highest standard WPC production technology combined with top quality wood-fibres and virgin polypropylene, have proven themselves in various applications.

It is our objective to remain a leading player in our markets. A lot of attention, in close cooperation with Tech-Wood International Ltd and under the protection of its patents, is paid to product development and process improvement. This enables us to keep a head start in technology and application.
The market for WPC products is fast growing and the potential for Tech-Wood® applications is immense. It is in this environment that we choose to focus on adding value where durability is asked and timber is the existing solution. Either commodities, special products or custom made products.

                                                                                        Tech-Wood Nederland BV

New technologies such as Reinforced Load Bearing construction profiles and Sea or Flood Defence products.......the applications are endless due to the high strength (E module 6000-12.000 Mpa) and a high (orientated) Wood Fibre content (72%-75%).

The  believe in the future of Wood Plastic Composite, especially in the Tech-Wood Wood Fibre technology, and the commitment of Tech-Wood International Ltd in building further upon this State of The Art Technology, along with the experience and success of Tech-Wood Nederland BV in the European market,  was decisive for us to adopt this technology by becoming a licensed Tech-Wood manufacturer.

                                                                                        Tech-Wood USA LLC

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Tech-Wood® is a registered trade mark